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Elina Salonen - HANDS ON GLASS - Documentary
(Finland, 2019)

This short documentary explores the commitment to life, inspiration and the way of working of Finnish artist Elina Salonen, who uses glass as the main form of expression to develop her sculptural work through artisanal methods.

This short film have been premiered in the " I MOSTRA INTERNACIONAL D'AUDIOVISUALS D'ARTESANIA" in the auditorium of the Contemporary Art Museum Of Barcelona, MACBA, in October 2019

Farbstich Tattoomagazin
(Germany, 2017)
This is a collaboration I did with two students of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart in Germany, with some of my photos picked from the series "Pale Studies" and "Grey Studies" for their project magazine called Farbstich, which is about tattoos and its meaning.
Philosophie Magazin
(Germany, 2016)
One of my photos from "pale studies" series has been published in the German magazine "Philosophie Magazin" this month. December 2016.
Pale Studies (Series, 2013)
Check out the full project HERE
(Germany, 2016)
The program book designed for the Semperoper 2016–2017 (Dresden Opera House in Germany) has a removable magazine in its center. Both parts can be used separately. The program part of the book contains all the relevant information about the plays and dates and in the magazine you can find highlights from the opera world, interviews and entertainment.

The selection of pictures that illustrate the article Monstrositäten Der Liebe about Richard Strauss opera Salome are from my series Pale and Grey Studies.
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